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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> good friday morning. it is 9:00. i'm megan pringle. again, friday. that's always good news. the ravens are headed to cincinnati and a lot is happening on "good morning, maryland" at 9:00. the winner of the mason dixon master chef is here. we've been featuring this for weeks leading up to whoever would win the competition so we have the winner in studio b apparently cooking us something here. i'll have to find out what it is and who the winner is. also on fridays, aleen gabey from the maryland spca comes in and brings an adorable pet up for adoption. we'll meet uda, 6 years old, needs a home. sweet as can be and very shy. first things first as you can see, i'm by myself. jamie's not here. he is on the go this morning because once again, he's
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somewhere in the state of maryland. this time he went west to visit the mountains of maryland. hey, jamie. >> reporter: welcome to cumberland! here we are. three, four ♪ [music] ♪ we'll play it for you on maine street here in beautiful cumberland. main street of the magic kingdom except for the? >> the mouse. >> look at this. cover lady boss singing hello. >> describe allegheny county. >> 60,000 acres of public land and this beautiful town right in the middle of it. >> reporter: we're going to show you cumberland and music from the shop owners here. look at the mountains. the leaves start to change right up there on the hill. we're on the mountain side of maryland today on the go with jamie costello! back to you. a gorgeous weekend to be there. we'll check in with you in a bit but first we want to talk about yesterday's shooting at
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johns hopkins hospital which ended with two people dead and a doctor seriously wounded. police say 50-year-old paul pardus of arlington, virginia shot the doctor who was interesting his mother then shot his mother and eventually himself. the fact pardus was able to bring a gun into the hospital has raised a lot of questions and something a lot of people are talking about this morning. as christian schaffer tells us, don't expect to see wide use now of metal detectors. >> kind of chaotic, nobody knowing what's going on. >> reporter: thousands notified by text message there had been a shooting on the eighth floor of the nelson building. they locked themselves in not knowing where the gunman would be. >> it's scary not knowing where the person is with a gun on a rampage in a hospital where we are supposed to be protected. >> my brother finally contacted
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her and she said i have to go and hung up abruptly. at least we know if she answered the phone she was okay. >> reporter: it was after securing the area and sending in s.w.a.t. teams that paul pardus had already shot himself and his mother inside her hospital room. before that, police say pardus shot dr. david cohen who about h. been informing him about his mother's condition. initially police thought his name was warren davis. >> mr. davis removed a small semi automatic handgun from his waist area, waistband area and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest/upper abdomen. >> reporter: a metal detector might have kept that handgun out of the hospital. hopkins officials pointed out there are more than 80 entrances to the buildings on the medical campus.
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>> to put a magnetometer and the required arm force on 80 doors and staffing them is not realistic. >> reporter: christian schaffer, abc 2 news. >> still, the hopkins security official we just heard from did say that the hospital will review all security procedures including the use of metal detectors. right now, they are only used with high-risk patients. dr. cohen is out of surgery and at last check is in stable condition. the shooter's family this morning is speaking out. alvin gibson says he thinks his brother was upset about their mother's surgery last week. it was unsuccessful and she would never walk again. here's quick facts about johns hopkins hospital. we know the campus is huge but the hospital has nearly 1100 patient beds and sees more than 46,000 patients each year. that's on top of the 400,000
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outpatients. more than 12,000 people work at the hospital and school of medicine along with 3700 full time and part-time faculty. hopkins has been ranked the number one hospital in the country by u.s. news and world reports each year for the last 20 years. all right. we've got to do a little quality checking here. with all due respect, yesterday expected that rain to come in during the late day and evening hours. happened a little earlier, didn't it? some of you may have had your afternoon kids' practices or game affected by that. the rain came into baltimore around 3:00 and lasted through the evening and into the night. the benefit of the rain coming in early is the fact that the rain actually pulled out early. we're done with it this morning. there may be more this afternoon highlighted in a moment. i want to talk about hurricane karl here. we talked about igor and julia.
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karl's really going to take the headlines because this one ramped up in a hurry. a category 3 storm with winds at 120 miles per hour and could get even stronger as it is setting up for a second hit on mexico. first off, let's do the other storms here. we've got julia now weakened to 75. look how this pales in comparison. that's julia and that's igor. we've got the two open systems spinning out across the atlantic. when it really is about karl, i want to show you how this stacks up and really is just hugging the southern portion of the gulf of mexico, the bay of campeche came off the yucatan peninsula ramped up to 50 in a hurry and worked off of all of this warm water and all of a favorable environment with light wind shear. it's a very, very potent eye wrapped around with dense cloud cover and getting stronger as it makes landfall later tonight
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near vera cruz and to the north. we're expecting this potential track to impact millions of people, especially as in works its way onshore again maybe a category four with 140 mile-per- hour winds with some forecasts putting it like that stage tonight. gradually weakening over the course of this weekend. you'll notice it pushes into high terrain. some of these mountains above 10,000 feet, over 15 million people in mexico city's metro area and this possibility with major mud slides and flooding a definite impact this weekend. now that we got that out of the way locally, we've got a mixture of clouds and sun. we've got this expectation that we'll have a decent day. even though clouds will try to pop showers on the eastern shore this afternoon. otherwise, we expect it to be dry and lead into a real nice weekend. the last weekend of summer. we started off on this friday with a two degree guaranteed high of 82 degrees. we all dry out this weekend and we'll talk about that great
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weekend outlook coming up. megan? >> thanks, justin. it was a wild night of weather in the big apple. even lady liberty wasn't spared the storm that swept through the area. the video shows lightning just over the statue of liberty even hitting liberty island. new york city will be cleaning up after the storm that brought 100 mile-per-hour winds and torrential rain to the area. it was quick but bad. they're also checking to see if in fact it brought a tornado. meanwhile, in central ohio, police are going door-to-door to search for the victims of the storm that touched down there. limb schmidt has more on the strange weather. >> reporter: just as rush hour hit new york city thursday afternoon, so did a fierce, fast-moving storm. >> i thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: tornado warnings went out around 5:30. at least 30,000 people lost power as lightning filled the skies. >> all of the doors in my house flew open. the air conditioning in my room crashed in. the windows crashed in.
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>> reporter: terrifying for people at home. trouble for commuters trying to get home. >> back up, back up. >> reporter: new york's busy penn station closed because it was so packed with people after winds knocked down trees and power lines on train tracks. drivers didn't fare much better. >> i was just driving down the street and it was like a giant human car wash. everything started spinning. i saw small branches flying all over. >> reporter: one woman died when a tree landed on her car. others wondered how they survived. >> at first glass was shattered everywhere. i'm just thinking, am i alive? >> reporter: the same storm system rolled through ohio hours earlier changing the landscape in a matter of seconds damaging 18 homes in one county alone. >> so it was a red barn and a house right in front of it next to the road. it's not there any longer. >> it's one of those things while it may be an act of god, it doesn't make it any easier
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for us. >> reporter: the national weather service says new york has had eight confirmed tornadoes since 1960. emily schmidt, abc news. ten minutes after 9:00 right now. if you ever want to get away without traveling too far, you want to unwind and enjoy the world around us, take a look at jamie in allegheny. you can join him this morning. coming up, jamie takes us on a trip to one of the most beautiful places in our state. he's also going to explain why there's plenty to do there. also ahead, the widow of frank zappa joins us live to talk about this weekend's dedication here in baltimore for her late husband's honor. tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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thanks for joining us here on this friday morning. it looks like it's going to be a nice looking day. we're flirting with 70 right now. while today is gorgeous, imagine being in the mountains of maryland where it looks like it will be a terrific weekend. that's where we find the very lucky jamie costello on the go with music and friends. you are all set, jamie. >> reporter: hello, ladies, gentlemen. look at the crowd coming down to see us here today.
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we're on the go in cumberland. read margie's shirt here. grandma loves alco. number 72 is her son. now take a look at the beautiful view of allegheny county. on the other side of the mountain, a gem is discovered. this is rocky gap. ♪ [music] ♪ beltway traffic two and a half hours behind. now just let up on the pedal and paddle. ♪ [music] ♪ >> a perfect get away for the weekend. >> reporter: shade, blue water and a breeze and a nap. do you mind taking that shot? >> i thought i'd have to go out and drive and be gone most of the day. quite frankly, i sat by the lake and enjoyed myself and not have to move.
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>> reporter: like this guy. going back to that bird flying right at you. now, that's a picture. this owl, this bald eagle, real. >> they've been off in the distance but i never had the opportunity to see the birds up close and personal like this. >> western maryland is basically a huge outdoor playground. >> reporter: from biking to hiking to paddling, this could be intimidating, but shelly can calm your rookie fear. >> you can see i want to go horseback riding and fly fish. with one call, we'll take care of all of that for you. >> reporter: you don't bet to see this in the woods, segues. they -- segways. they go this way and that way. >> you get a chance to look at everything. >> reporter: still, some prefer the old fashioned walk to the top. >> that was a big reward. it was a short maybe eight-mile hike. when you get here, you have the reward of this incredible view.
9:16 am
>> golf, bikes, floats, naps, when a great weekend. ♪ [music] ♪ larry's got it all mapped out. larry, how many miles do you go a day on your bike? >> usually 20 miles, 25 miles when i ride. >> reporter: is there anything like it out here? >> there's all kinds of great bicycle riding out here. it's fabulous from the road riding up to around the lakes riding the great allegheny passage to pittsburgh or the c & o to d.c. or first class mountain bike riding up here for the younger people that can still bounce off the ground. >> reporter: married a baltimore girl. what's her maiden name? >> cater. >> reporter: oh, yeah, i know! tell me about the next couple of weekends. >> this weekend we have model
9:17 am
as and model ts downtown. we have the appalachian festival with all sorts of native crabs and appalachian crabs and music from the scottish and irish background of our ancestors. then we have canal-fest and real-fest next weekend where you can drive a locomotive, jamie. >> reporter: no i can't. >> oh, you can. we'll put new the seat. >> where's a meteorologist when you need one. >> food, cars and sports, this town is after my own heart here. the weather is not so great today but we have the mountains to deal with. so we're on the breezy, cooler side. with all of the love here in cumberland county, i think we can take that. >> reporter: it is beautiful up here. we're live in cumberland. the music, the shops, 18 coffee shops to drop by, right? >> this is like new york just smaller. >> reporter: and less crowded. thank you there, larry. we'll show you more of the town when we come back. we'll have the mayor coming up.
9:18 am
we'll tell you about the railroad town that this cumberland is known for. we'll be back on the go live right here in the heart of cumberland. >> yeah, yeah, but i've got aleen gabey and una. we'll tell you how she needs a home and other pet tips when we come back.
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. it's friday, and aleen gabey, without fail, brings in the cutest animals up for adoption. >> she's 6 years old. she's getting up there on age. she has a little gray in her muzzle. her personality is shy and reserved. she warms up over a little bit of time. she and i are pretty attached to each other. >> i was going to say, you guys look like bffs over there. this would be a good dog for someone who wants to cuddle on the couch. >> she likes walking. she's happy to walk on the leash. when we sat in my office, she curled up under the desk and fell asleep. she's not high maintenance, not super high energy. nice mild mannered dog. >> there's the number on the screen and we'll put it back up
9:22 am
before we go. at first i thought, is this a big hunk of cheese? it looks like it but it's not. >> it's a cheap version of sham wow. it is a super absorbent towel. it's been rainy and muddy out there. it's nice to have something that's super absorbent when your pet comes in from going outside. >> that's a good idea. >> you can wipe off the paws. a lot of times you have something near the front of the door. it washes up nicely and folds really compactly. >> so you rub this on the pet's paws when you go in? >> yep. if it's raining, you can wipe off the whole thing. it has been muddy, so i like the wipes that do a little bit of cleaning. take off the front wrapper, pull them out one at a time and quickly wipe off the mud. that comes in handy, too, jumping in your car to keep things nice and clean. >> even when it's rainy and muddy, they still need exercise so this is a good tip. >> dogs have to go out to go to
9:23 am
the bathroom. >> absolutely. everybody needs to. anything going on at the maryland spca? >> we are going to have our online auction again so people will be able to go on our web site beginning in october and right now we're asking for donations. >> what kind of donations do you need? >> we sell things that are popular like pet items, sports memorabilia, trips that tend to be popular. >> so keep that in mind. they need the items. these guys are a nonprofit so this is how you survive. don't forget una. she needs a home. she is as sweet as can be. the number if is right there on your screen. aleen, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> you'll let us know if she gets a home? >> oh, yeah. she will. >> she would be a great pet for anybody. stay with us. coming up next, the widow of frank zappa joins us to talk about the dedication in her late husband's honor here in baltimore. live in cumberland here
9:24 am
this morning. this is one of the famous landmarks. when we come back, we'll show you the trains and tunnels. for you maryland fans going up to wvu this weekend, you'll see the steeple. also those of you going to deep creek lake. more on the go live when we come right back. before we head to break, we want to remind you if you are trying to find a job, we would love to help you get back to work. every wednesday on "good morning, maryland" at 9:00, we put three video resumes on the air. if you'd like to see yours on the air, send us an e-mail to best resumes to with a microsoft word attachment.
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hi. so far this morning jamie costello's joined us live showing us the beauty of rocky gas state park in allegheny county, but what about picturesque cumberland? jamie's on the go this morning. jamie, hello. >> reporter: hello. this is my girlfriend adrian. she and her husband own the restaurant around the corner. what's it called?
9:28 am
>> ristorante. >> reporter: you are a good dancer. let's take a look at the heart of cumberland. >> oh, thank you. ♪ [music] ♪ >> reporter: here comes old 734 chugging down the cumberland tracks the way it used to be in this old famous railroad town. >> think about it. how many 1913 steam engines do you see around anymore? >> reporter: hansel can unlock any allegheny county secret. this was passed down from his family from the revolutionary war. >> there was a tunneling system that went down to the potomac river where the boats were moored. >> reporter: he also showed us the underground railroad. >> the the priests when he knew the underground railroad people were coming this way, they'd ring a bell okay, we're safe. so they would come into the system, get clothing, get water. then they would head out and go north to pennsylvania or
9:29 am
canada. >> reporter: welcome to the queen city. >> we have people that are moving here to retire and seeking employment and fiving jobs and creating a vital way of life. >> both of my interests have been met in this area. i can walk down any street 24/7 and not feel afraid. >> reporter: it's all about history. >> you can come through the mountains to get here. it's well worth it. it does seem like we're at far ends of the spectrum but we're not that far away. >> reporter: car ride, trolley ride, train ride. art, beautiful buildings and always has the welcome mat out. i want to talk to ed here. you really built this city that we should all come to it. >> we welcome. >> reporter: what is it about
9:30 am
the heart of cumberland? >> it is a flashback in time where people care about one another. your blood pressure drops and it is a comfortable place to be. >> reporter: i have the mayor here. hello, mr. mayor. you have been mayor for ten years. >> i have. >> reporter: i remember coming back here with george wycoff the mayor hanging on. look what you've done to the place. >> i know george well. i tried to pick up from where he was and make it a better downtown and better city. i believe because of him and because of a lot of people all around it is. >> reporter: you know what, you go up and down. there's no "for rent." it's all filled. you've got restaurants and dinings outside on main street. >> ten years ago when i was elected, we had 26 open spaces down here, 50 fronts. because of ed and a lot of people that worked hard on it, you know, we have some that are open today but they are turning over. that's good to see. >> reporter: look at this. i want to show you. what's this restaurant in the
9:31 am
corner? >> it's called the prime meridian sushi bar. people ask me where's a good place to eat? i say every place. >> reporter: you can't beat it. >> there's outdoor dining. people enjoy the whole feeling of downtown. this is everybody's living room. come experience it. >> reporter: ed grew up here and you went to lasalle high school. >> lasalle high school a few years ago. >> reporter: and the mayor worked at kelly springfield. you were the boss? >> yes. i came here in '92. i retired in 2000 and 2001 became mayor. the outdoor dining is one of the great things. we started that on the very early list to get done and we're able to start it. wednesday night, we have wednesday dining under the stars. thursday was not a night to be dining. last night it was raining, but i guarantee you at noontime and later on this evening, this place will be full.
9:32 am
people eating out, music going on. it's all about, you know, the closeness. ed talked about it. it's a great place to come to and come back to. >> reporter: friends, don't we feel like friends already? when we come back, we'll meet more of the friendly people here in cumberland county. back to you. >> thanks. looking forward to it. looks like you are having fun. frank zappa left a legacy millions of fans have come to cherish. this sunday it will be recognized mayor blake and the city of baltimore will honor frank zappa, so gale zappa, the widow and wife of frank zappa joins us from california. i hear you are coming here for the big dedication on sunday. is that right, gale? >> that's correct. good morning. >> good morning. i know it's early there so thank you for getting up with us. tell us the reaction when you heard about the dedication and bust to your late husband. >> the bust was the first version of it was installed and
9:33 am
that was surprising because i heard about it through some person who was working on a film there at sun dance. they said when you go to shoot a movie, the first thing we do is say oh, you have to come see the bust of frank zappa. we were like, what? and so it's a pleasure to see the dedication and work that went into that by the three guys who i understand are already in baltimore and the mayor, who had everything to do with making this happen. i'm happy to see that their dream is coming true as well to have a replica installed in baltimore where frank was born. >> i know that the two of you met in california and that is where he passed away. did he ever talk about baltimore? and if so, what did he say? [ laughter ] >> that's a phenomenal question. you know, of course he'd talk about, you know, living in
9:34 am
someplace when you were a kid and different things, but honestly, the most that i can remember is really in his book. if you read his book, there are some references. i mean, he left when he was, i think, maybe 12 or something like that. his family was told if you have asthma, you have to move your son to drier climates. so that's how they ended up in southern california. >> he was such a unique person and really, you know, you could recognize him by that moustache and the mark that he left on music. he's so creative. if you have people visiting or passing by this bust, what do you want people to know about your husband maybe that they don't know? >> oh, first of all, i think it's really great to have -- that the city cooperated and then agreed with me that it should be in front of a library. i hope that it brings new life
9:35 am
to that library. i know it's difficult these days for libraries in terms of the internet and having access to information, but i think, you know, for frank, the library was a corner stone of being able to take responsibility for your education. and i think that that's what frank would like for people to be reminded of, to pay attention, be aware, and be present. take responsibility for your intentions. know who you are, and, you know, and be that person. be everything that you are and know who that is. >> well, what a great legacy to leave behind. gale zappa, we will see you sunday. thank you so much for getting up early and talking with us this morning. >> thank you. thank you very much. it is time to dine with the first ever winner of the mason dixon master chef tournament. we'll head to "good morning, maryland" at 9:00 in the
9:36 am
kitchen to congratulate the winner to find out what he's cooking up for us this morning. we'll have to wait and see. we've got temperatures into the lower 70s. media leftover shower but we're setting the stage for the end of summer. we've got much more "good morning, maryland" so please stick around. the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios in high definition... ...bam! it was like, "wow!" we had been cable tv subscribers for a brief period of time and had a really bad experience. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable? upgrade to fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year, with no term contract required. the installation of fios was very simple. very straightforward. [ mr. donovan ] we have more choices. so many more high-def channels. and the internet access is fantastic. [ male announcer ] call now and we'll add a special bonus: the fios tv movie package plus epix, free for 12 months.
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it's september 17th. if today's your birthday, happy birthday. if you have one coming up, send us an e-mail with an attached picture to morning so we can say happy birthday here on the air. all right. it is official. martin o'malley's squaring off against former governor bob ehrlich. it's all happening. sunday's squareoff election special is what's happening, too. host richard sherr joins us here with a preview. >> good morning, megan. lots of questions will be answered on november 2nd at the polls. the biggest question is will it be martin o'malley for another four or bob ehrlich back for another four? will greg bernstein's lead hold up against pat jessamy? looks like to will. please join us send at 6:30.
9:40 am
elections expert, the king of the spoken word, trey lewis and robin marks now murphy is newly married. thanks to all of your abc 2 viewers for amazing support as we now begin our second year here, our 21st year on baltimore tv. we'll see you sunday at 6:30 for our post election square off. back to you, my friend. >> thank you, my friend. happy anniversary. two years, we're proud to have you. each week, another chef teaches us in the kitchen to be more confident. today, the winner of the first ever mason dixon master chef tournament is in our kitchen with his winning ways and will teach us a thing or two. hey, we're live in cumberland. this place will be packed right after 5:00. don't forget the model t & a show going on tomorrow. we have terp fans making their way to wvu tomorrow.
9:41 am
we have two big football games tonight. high school wise, mount st. joe is playing for the hill. we'll be back with more from cumberland on the go. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package and epix -- free for 12 months. and with this offer, there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, cancel at anytime with no early termination fee. fios gives you the best channel lineup,
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superior picture quality and more hd... plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. last chance. offer ends october 2nd. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, plus the fios tv movie package and epix, free for 12 months... with no term contract. call 1.877.797.fios. that's 1.877.797.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v it's time for fios. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense.
9:43 am
23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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a. we really enjoyed our time talking with everybody in cumberland. here's andy. showing the beautiful sights in allegheny county and downtown cumberland but it's also about the arts. >> we have two arts and entertainment one in cumberland, one in frostburg and lots happening all of the time. >> reporter: that's what keeps the community viable. cumberland theater will do the rocky horror show. we have festivals, our artist studio tour in early november. lots to come out and enjoy. >> these are shops here. they are local shops. haary owns one. you have a great toy shop. >> it's become a collection point for homecoming people. we are a great town for homecomings. not only do we have one of the premiere homecoming games between allegheny my personal favorite and for the hill featured in a national film. it's friday night, football
9:45 am
night. i'll be up there. >> very good. notice this clean shirt. you run a clean shirt business. >> that's correct. >> reporter: this is mike. how are you, mike? >> i am wonderful. >> reporter: why do you live here? >> i was originally from montgomery county. i brought my family to allegheny county because i fell in love with the place. i started a small business here and we have been successful. >> reporter: is that light starch or heavy? >> this is light starch. heavy is a little scratchy for me. >> reporter: here's barb. how are you, barb? >> i am doing great. >> you are a transplant from howard county. what made you come out here? >> i was looking at property. i saw 35 acres hear in allegheny and fell in love. >> reporter: and you have alpacas? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: you love them. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: can't you feel this town? >> i you can. i work forward at & t and i moved a lot. i always felt like i relocated
9:46 am
but when i moved here, i was adopted. >> reporter: they just adopted lynnette. this is your first time to cumberland. isn't it something? >> it is. i almost got into an accident coming here yesterday because i kept stopping to lookty beautiful picturesque weather. weather is the best kept secret in news but cumberland county is the best kept secret in maryland. i'll be back. >> reporter: listen, we have the shops here. we've got people. that's what makes the town. we thank cumberland for hosting us in allegheny county. megan, it is a beautiful sight, mountain side of maryland. >> thanks, jamie. i said i miss you, and that is true, but more food for me because on fridays it is time to dine. we have dennis freedman. if he looks familiar, he's been here week after week. he won the mason dixon master chef tournament. congratulations. >> thank you. it's kind of surreal, still sinking in. it was a long four-month battle
9:47 am
but i'm glad it's over. >> we're going to talk about the competition and what got you the win, but we're going to look at pictures from the night that you won. how thrilled were you because there's really talented chefs in our area in d.c. and you really got the top prize. >> truly, truly it was rewarding. it reinforced, you know, my confidence many my cooking, but there's a lot of love and hard work that went into this and a lot of thought and time. a lot of emotions. so yeah, it was a big deal. i think the pictures tell the story. >> i have to say everybody who came in week after week, while it was competitive, it didn't seem nasty. everything went to charity. >> you know it's true. there was a little bit of heatedness, but for the monthest part, especially with the last match, with just a gem of a guy, there were great relationships formed and maybe down the road partnerships with joint ventures, you never
9:48 am
know. >> so we're cooking today. this looks delicious. >> so what we're doing is a signature dish from bisou in potomac which is a restaurant i own. we have a beautiful tuna here. we cut it in a log and took in sea weed and wrapped it with a binder with a little with a saaby in there with a little heat as a binder. >> this won't set your nostrils on fire? >> not at all. all of the flavors are balanced and well paired. we sliced it real nice. we'll kind of assemble it on the plate here real quick. >> okay. >> we'll show you how we do this. kind of shingling it one piece at a time. >> so much of it is presentation. and that's sort of the fun with this kind of food. it looks so lovely. >> oh, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. you can do something with a sashimi style. you don't worry about the plate so much because we'll come over here with a little bit of the
9:49 am
tomato ginger relish. it's got some ginger in there which will really pop. what really makes this dish is the soy mustard vinegarrette. and you do a couple of dollops of that the soy mustard vinaigrette and black sesame seeds. that's very healthy. >> it is. we have an option with this dish. with this dish if you wanted to, you could take it and make a tempura batter. >> okay. >> reporter: people don't think sashimi, raw and tempura but you can either pan sear it or flash fry it for a couple of seconds. the tuna will stay raw but you'll have the crisp outside with a little bit of texture and bite. so you get the fried flavor and psychologically but at the same time the oil hasn't sunk into the tuna so it's just that crispy outer edge. >> you said even if you have it with the tempura, it's not like you are eating something fried and disgusting.
9:50 am
>> one version is healthy and the other is healthier. >> you can't beat that. tempura is as easy as eggs in a batter? >> i like to keep it simple so a little flour, eggs and ice water. the ice water makes it condense a little and thins it out if you need to. >> real quickly while we're looking at this, we'll go back to the tournament and ask you about that. what do you think did it for to you win? >> you know, it was all about teamwork. you can't do it alone in a restaurant. it's about your brigade and your team. my sous-chef and i worked hand in hand flawlessly. he was my partner in crime and teammate. i couldn't have done it without him. >> would you do this again? >> absolutely. >> i know this is the first year that they had the mason dixon master chef tournament. do you think they'll do it and bring veterans back or try to recruit new talent? >> that's what we've been talking about taking it to the next level because now there is a lot of press and a lot of
9:51 am
people interested in it. all of the chefs from the d.c. metro area and baltimore are now saying hey, we want to be part of this. just like with any new show or program it takes a while to get going. once it does, it's full stem ahead. >> when push came to shove it was down to the wire with a d.c. chef and baltimore chef and we were pulling for the baltimore chef but you are such a nice guy. >> d.c. took it. >> clearly a talented chef. tell us where your restaurant is if people want to see if you are the master chef. >> it's in potomac maryland a couple of miles outside of washington, d.c. 9812 falls road. we'd love to see you there. >> do you have a web site? >> absolutely. >> we're so happy for you. i am going to eat this and we'll be right back. >> great. >> i need chopsticks.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
all right.
9:55 am
minutes away from 10:00, minute as way from the weekend for some of us that have been working overnight. how about this morning's sunrise? by the way that was just for the fellow employees that have been on this early schedule and have been working their fingers to the bone. we've got ourselves a mostly sunny sky here. a few clouds with 71 degrees. you know what, that's a mall image. let's build this back up a little bigger. there you go, full screen with clouds that look more omen 0 us on the satellite view from the window view. that is the case this morning. we've got ourselves at least more cloud cover to the west and probably an overcast sky towards the mountain region. we saw that in through western maryland. the winds pick up today as we start stirring up the atmosphere. really, most of that active weather out of here with just an indication with energy with the cloud being across the mountains that may try to act on some of the sun heating you up on the east everyone shore. there is a possibility this
9:56 am
afternoon you wind up with a few showers. otherwise there's not much else going on across the eastern seaboard as we set the stage for a quiet weather pattern. as we head towards this afternoon there is a possibility that some of the clouds try to fire up showers pushing towards daybreak tomorrow out towards the delaware and maryland beaches. in fact, tomorrow will be a day where we'll have sun in the morning and a sunny afternoon. again, there could be lingering moisture along the beach line between ocean city up through delaware. otherwise, here's the way it stacks up today. sunny to partly cloudy. hour or two degree -- our two tee agree guarantee with the dry direction with clouds left over. they get a chance to color out. some of the places in western maryland in the 40s. megan in northern baltimore county, you drive up 83 and you start to see a lot of lives just about to turn. >> i can't believe it already.
9:57 am
>> yeah, even in york, pa, they are looking at up to 20% of the trees already starting to turn. this weekend will be gorgeous. we have a warm saturday afternoon. i still think good weather to stay inside and watch football. we'll push showers as we head through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> gorgeous forecast. a good weekend to get outside and run, which i'm sure you'll do. >> sunday morning, it's already planned. >> jamie's already probably running back from cumberland. >> i don't think so. i think he's driving. >> look at that. so picturesque, you can't blame him. have a good weekend. go, ravens. >> he's not driving that car, though. i own think they'll let him.
9:58 am
9:59 am

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